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25 Great Kitchen Ideas

April 18, 2016 at 7:25 pm

The kitchen is your home’s heart. It is the center of activity.

Since it is the central point of your home, investing in its design makes sense.

A kitchen should be both eye-catching and functional. Every family member must like its look, yet be able to use it well.

Here are 25 design ideas that will help you to put your dream kitchen together.

Great Kitchen Ideas

1. Plan ahead

The first of these tips is to plan ahead. Many interior designers suggest that homemakers should put function above design.

There is no kitchen with a perfect shape or size. Most kitchens are U-shaped, L-shaped or galleys. No matter which of these yours is, plan for the fridge, cooktop, and sink to be in a triangle. For smooth movement, there should be no more than six feet between each item.

2. Save time

Cooking is enjoyable, but stressful after a hard working day. To save time in the kitchen, consider how you use things.

Breakfast foods, of course, should be at the breakfast table. Wraps should be near the work surface so that you can bundle leftovers fast. Put dishes near the dishwasher.

3. Create broad paths

The ideal walkthrough area in a kitchen is at least 36 inches. Make sure that paths are that size.

Space within the cooking area should be at least 42 inches wide if you wish to set up a one-cook kitchen. If you want to create a two-cook kitchen, make sure that the cooking zone is at least 48 inches wide.

4. Place your microwave at the right height

A suitable height for an oven depends on the chef and how the family uses the kitchen.

Placing the microwave below the countertop will enable children to reach it. If there are only adults in the family, putting it 15 inches above countertop level is ideal.

5. Keep cooktops out of traffic

Your cooktop should be out of the way. Keep it out of the high-traffic areas so that children will not catch on handles and get into accidents.

6. Create more space on your counter

Counter top space is never enough. Make your counter top area as spacious as you can.

If you love cooking, you will need more countertop space. Have two countertop heights so that your children can help you prepare meals.

Use a surface that is easy for you to work on and maintain. Do remember that grout collects between tiles. A tiled countertop is a challenge to upkeep.

You may want to cook and eat on a kitchen island. It should have enough space for both a dining and a cooking area.

7. Leave space for door clearance

There should be enough room for refrigerator and cabinet doors to open. They should be able to swing out and not clash with each other. Do not put appliances in corners.

8. Leave landing space.

Make sure that your items are not too close together. Allow at least 15 inches of space on each side of the refrigerator, cooktop and microwave.

9. Install a range hood

Remember to install a range hood. It eliminates cooking odors. Choose one with outside vents and is quiet.

10. Place a shelf near the range

Put a shelf near the range where you can store cooking oils, spices and utensils. Place hooks on the range to hang your pots and pans.

11. Include recycling bins

Remember to create space for trash and recycling bins. You may install hidden, built-in receptacles behind cabinet doors.

If you are afraid of potential odors, you may want a sleek garbage bin that is out of the way.

12. Consider your flooring

Think about the type of kitchen floor you want. It should be slip resistant and easy to upkeep.

Natural stone floors may need occasional resealing but work best. Hardwood floors, though beautiful, will wear out fast in a kitchen.

13. Make your kitchen safe.

Safety comes first in the kitchen. You should be able to see into play areas and your backyard.

14. Use a pot filler.

Carrying pots filled with water from the sink to the cooktop is a chore. Install a swing-out tap near the cooktop so that you can fill them without fuss.

If a swing-out tap is not for you, you may fit an extra long hose attachment so that you can fill pots on your cooktop.

15. Think of those who are smaller-sized.

Store biscuits and snacks on lower shelves so that shorter family members can reach them.

16. Set up a message center

It is hard to answer the telephone while you are in the middle of preparing your favorite meal. Set up a message center with a kitchen telephone. Have a bulletin board and writing materials on hand.

17. Reduce your cleaning load.

Lessen your clean-up time. Use glass shelves in the refrigerator instead of wire shelves. Glass shelves do a better job of catching spills.

18. Choose the correct color scheme.

If your kitchen in small, paint it in light colors. They make it more inviting. They will also enlarge it.

19. Choose a focal point.

There is much to see in a kitchen. The countertop, cooktop, and range hood overwhelm the eyes.

Choose one of these items as a focal point and highlight it with eye-catching details.

20. Hang knives on the backsplash

A backsplash is an area behind the sink or stove that keeps the wall safe from splashes.

By hanging knives on a magnetic strip tacked to the backsplash, you will keep them out of the reach of children.

21. Avoid big cabinet blocks.

Bulky, uniform cabinet blocks overwhelm your kitchen. Fit glass doors on some of them to add variety.

22. Make sure that there is enough power.

You will need to power your microwave, kitchen, range hood and other cooking appliances. Make sure that your kitchen has enough power outlets.

23. Do not reuse appliances

It is tempting to save money and reuse an old stove. Remember that it is unsightly in a new kitchen. Save money by buying items from low-budget shops.

24. Consider your storage needs.

Most people make the mistake of not planning storage space. They may fit too few cabinets and leave awkward spaces between them.

Remember to use the whole kitchen. Fill it up with all your appliances.

25. Have light in the forefront

Position light so that it falls in front of you. If it is behind you, it will cast a shadow on your work area.

With these pointers, you can create a kitchen every homemaker will envy.